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DFMA Resources

Success stories and implementation information that will help you communicate the benefits of DFMA within your organization, and to quickly bring new users up to speed.

DFMA Webinars

View videos of all previously conducted webinars

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Case Studies

Customer stories on the use of DFMA to improve their products and development process.

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DFMA White Paper for Corporate Management:

How to Use Design for Manufacture and Assembly to Slash Manufacturing Overhead, Make Products Competitive, and Bring New Efficiencies to the Manufacturing Process.

Specifically written for executive management to raise awareness of the business benefits of implementing DFMA in the product development process.

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DFMA Executive PowerPoint Presentation

These are hype-free, factual slides which cover issues of interest to top executives. If you are trying to communicate the benefits of DFMA to your company, use all or any of these slides. They make a compelling case for using DFMA to improve quality, lower part count, decrease costs, facilitate cross-functional efficiency, and get to market faster--all from an executive management point of view.

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Roundtable Report: The Power of DFMA to Reduce Operational Costs

Leading manufacturers discuss the extended effects of early design decisions on disciplines and departments at the other end of their organizations. in the survey table, and in the comments from participants, you will learn what they strive to accomplish and what they have measured in savings from factory floor space to end‐of life costs.

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Getting Started with DFMA

A collection of technical papers representing the most successful approaches to implementing DFMA presented at the annual International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly.

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Customer Testimonials

Quotations on the use of DFMA from some of the world's most respected companies.

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DFMA Forum Papers and Presentations

2017 papers and presentations
2016 papers and presentations
2015 papers and presentations
2014 papers and presentations
2013 papers and presentations
2012 papers and presentations

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