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DFMA Executive PowerPoint Presentation

Target Audience: Executive managers


  • Quick management-level overview of the main uses of DFMA
  • Outsourcing considerations as they relate to DFMA
  • Average reductions achieved with DFMA
  • Testimonials
  • A generic example of the difference DFMA can make
  • A quote from IndustryWeek about the role that DFMA plays
  • Ten case studies, all arranged in this order: Situation, Method, Results

Recommended Usage: These are hype-free, factual slides which cover issues of interest to top executives. If you are trying to communicate the benefits of DFMA to your company, use all or any of these slides. They make a compelling case for using DFMA to improve quality, lower part count, decrease costs, facilitate cross-functional efficiency, and get to market faster--all from an executive management point of view.

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