Product development teams face many difficult challenges. Typically, the cost of production is the factor that must be relegated to satisfy other goals.  But what if every goal could be met, including a 50% reduction in the cost of production? Since 1983 Boothroyd Dewhurst Inc., the global leader in DFMA, has turned this dream into a reality.

In recognition, co-founders Geoffrey Boothroyd and Peter Dewhurst were awarded the National Medal of Technology Award by President George Bush.  The award cites the use of DFMA methods and software as having “dramatically reduced costs, improved product quality, and enhanced the competitiveness of major U.S. Manufacturers.”

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DFM Product Costing allows you to generate accurate part and tooling cost estimates for new designs and alternative materials and processes; evaluate supplier quotations against should-costing estimates; generate realistic estimates for target costing initiatives; and benchmark competitors’ products.

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DFA Product Simplification will guide you to eliminate unnecessary parts and processes resulting in significant cost savings; improve communication between design and manufacturing by establishing a concurrent engineering approach to product development; and shorten product development time through reduced engineering changes.

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DFMA is used by Fortune 1000 companies worldwide for:

  • Supply chain cost management
  • Product simplification and improved quality
  • Improved communication between design, manufacturing, purchasing, and management
  • Cutting manufacturing costs

DFMA provides real benefits throughout your product development organization:

Manufacturing Design Cost Management C-Level Executives
"You want me to manufacture this design? You're kidding, right?" If you find yourself asking this question more often than you'd like, DFMA can help. You and your design engineers can quickly analyze and manipulate different design approaches. The resulting lean design will contain fewer parts and be easier to manufacture.

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Proof of Performance

More than 100 case studies, showing the actual results of using our DFMA® methods and software, have been published in magazines, conference papers, and online.

Taken in composite, these case studies show how companies have used DFMA to achieve:

  • Labor costs cut by 42%
  • Parts reduced by 54%
  • Assembly time cut by 60%
  • Product development time reduced by 45%
  • Cost reduced by 50%

See how DFMA can help you reduce costs, increase quality, and shorten development cycles:

Executive White Paper:
"How to use DFMA to slash manufacturing overhead, make products competitive, and bring new efficiencies to the manufacturing process"

Case studies:
Examples of how our methods and tools have helped dozens of companies improve hundreds of products

What our clients say:
Customer testimonials from Dell, Whirlpool, Teradyne, and Harley-Davidson



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