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Engineering Value with DFMA-Boothroyd Dewhurst To Host 2013 International Forum on DFMA
June 12-14, in Providence, R.I., USA

WAKEFIELD, R.I., USA, April 17, 2013 - Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc., will host the twenty-eighth annual International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA®) on June 12-14, 2013. This year’s Forum, “Engineering Value with DFMA—Unlocking Profits in Product Design,” will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Providence-Warwick, R.I., USA.

“Value analysis is a way for every organization—be it engineering-driven, financial or social in nature—to determine if the products and services it offers align with what customers truly want and are willing to pay for,” said John Gilligan, president of Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc.

“We have decided this year to re-emphasize the deep relationship that DFMA shares with Value Engineering,” said Gilligan.  “As the U.S. and other leading manufacturing countries compete internationally on price and performance, DFMA offers producers a powerful business approach for realizing end-to-end efficiency—one that impacts product labor content, materials, quality, manufacturing, inventory, and supply-chain delivery—leading to higher customer satisfaction and profits.”

“Cost reduction by Western industries has largely been achieved by putting pressure on direct labor rates and supplier margins,” said Nick Dewhurst, vice president of Boothroyd Dewhurst. “With those two tactical approaches now virtually exhausted, attention ought to shift to understanding just how these same cost factors are embedded within the structure of the product. The best way to remove labor, supplier and lifecycle overhead is to simplify the product design into elegant, multifunction single parts and lean assemblies. The next frontier for the business side of manufacturing is in learning to unlock profits from the product design. The DFMA Forum offers testimonials and advice from manufacturing leaders who are on this path.”

Speakers for the 2013 DFMA International Forum include AB SCIEX, Motorola Solutions, ITT Aerospace Controls, Westinghouse, Dynisco Instruments (Roper Industries) and Whirlpool Corp.

About the DFMA Forum

The Forum is the foremost conference worldwide on DFMA methodologies and software. DFMA helps structure a team’s knowledge and guide collaboration efforts from the concept stage onward to create feature-rich products at less cost. It does this by providing comparative “should cost” estimates for manufacturing processes and materials, and by targeting opportunities for product simplification.

The Forum offers insights and solutions to managers, financial decision-makers, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, purchasing personnel, and supply-chain experts interested in benefitting from up-front product development. In addition to the presentations listed below, there will be a pre-conference workshop on “Value Engineering and DFMA” by productivity and lean six sigma expert Chris Tsai of Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc.

For information on the 2013 International DFMA Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly, and the pre-conference workshop, go to http://www.dfma.com/forum.

Below is a list of this year’s presentations and speakers:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Session I   DFMA Implementation

DFA Applied to Proof of Concept (IOR) shows Development Engineer’s huge benefits
−Richard Darrell
Motorola Solutions Inc

Using DFMA to Achieve Design Cost Objectives
−Steven King
Westinghouse Electric Company

Improving the Bottom Line
−Kevin Kent

Session II   Product Costing

Cost Estimating - What is it?  How do you do it?  What can it do for you?
−David Meeker
Neoteric Product Development

Calculating the Financial Impact of DFMA
−Nick Katko

Gaining Cost Cognizance
−Matthew Loew
Joy Global

Session III   DFMA Applications

A Dynisco Case Study: From DFMA Implementation Plan to Results
−Matthew Miles, Surinder Sood, Joel Neri

DFMA Methodology Support for a Winning Whirlpool Business Case
−Michelle Shatrau
Whirlpool Corp.

Hand-Calculated Savings: Case studies in the application of a simplified Boothroyd-Dewhurst methodology in the design and manufacture of complex assemblies
−Bradford Range
Acorn Product Development

Session IV   The DFMA Project

Mike Shipulski (Hypertherm), Chris Tsai, and Nick Dewhurst (Boothroyd Dewhurst)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Session V   Product Innovation and Environmental Compliance

Product Development Practices in the Manufacturing Sector: 2010-2020
−Bradford L. Goldense
Goldense Group, Inc.

"Less is More"
−David M. Vranson
ITT Aerospace Controls

Strategies for Success in Establishing Sustainable Product Environmental Compliance Programs
−George Valaitis

Session VI   Product Design

Application of DFMA concept to evaluate the tooling costs for carbon reinforced thermoplastic composites compression moulding processes
−Mohamed El wazziki , Anh Dung NGO
Laboratoire de fabrication et de caracterisation de materiaux composites, Mechanical Engineering Department, Ecole de technologie superieure

Function Analysis and the Functional Performance Specification to Define Clients' Needs and Develop the Best Value
−Lucie Parrot

A Path to Rapid Customer Response
−Kevin Dailida

About Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc.

Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. was the first company to commercialize Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) methodologies and software tools, which make it possible to evaluate, estimate, and reduce the manufacturing cost of a product in the design phase through product simplification and cost estimation. Hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, including General Electric, John Deere, Motorola, Pratt & Whitney, and Whirlpool, use DFMA to cut the costs of their manufactured products and achieve design innovation in their markets. The company was founded in 1983 and received the National Medal of Technology Award in 1991. For more information about DFMA software, workshops, consulting services, and international conferences, contact Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc., 138 Main Street, Wakefield, RI 02879, USA. Tel. (401) 783-5840. Fax (401) 783-6872. Web site: www.dfma.com. E-mail: info@dfma.com.

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