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DFMA® Guided Analysis Workshop

A focused two-day event designed to help an organization understand how DFMA® can apply to its business.  Cost reduction activity on existing products, cost avoidance for projects in new product development, even competitive intelligence projects are all suitable candidate projects for our Guided Analysis Workshop.  The application of DFMA® in this workshop is focused on your products.  A typical agenda is shown below but can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Day One

  • Introductions and discussion of DFMA® project application
  • Brief overview of DFMA®
  • Analysis of your product using the DFMA® Software
  • Review software output to understand where opportunities exist in the product
  • Group ideas by perceived risk and incorporate into risk adjusted redesign concepts

Day Two

  • Model risk adjusted redesign concepts developed during Day One analysis
  • Use DFMA® to estimate manufacturing costs of various redesign concepts
  • Incorporate manufacturing cost information into redesign models for an understanding of potential cost savings
  • Generate software comparison reports to document cost reductions

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