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DFMA® Webinars

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Learn How Industry Week US 500 Manufacturers Reduce Cost (approx. runtime 59 minutes)
You Find What You Shine a Light On (approx. runtime 61 minutes)
Costing in the Real World (approx. runtime 59 minutes)
Costing 101: What you need to know (approx. runtime 51 minutes)
DFMA and Value Engineering (approx. runtime 54 minutes)
Product Costing and Simplification with DFMA (approx. runtime 58 minutes)
The Next Great Process Improvement: Your Product (approx. runtime 62 minutes)
Leveraging Early Cost Data with DFMA (approx. runtime 54 minutes)
All Leaned Out But Where Did We Go? (approx. runtime 38 minutes)
Are Your Product Designs Costing You Money? (approx. runtime 62 minutes)
Resurrecting U.S. Manufacturing using Systematic DFMA Deployment (runtime 60 minutes)
DFMA 2009 - What's New (approx. runtime 45 minutes)
DFMA Educational Webinar - Working with Suppliers (approx. runtime 30 minutes)
Using DFMA to Rethink Your China Manufacturing Strategy (approx. runtime 60 minutes)
Achieve a Lean Supply Chain with DFMA (approx. runtime 60 minutes)
Psst! Want a secret for getting better product cost information? (approx. runtime 60 minutes)

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