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General software topics

Do DFMA results include profit?

Does DFMA software accurately estimate the cost of precision machined components, especially low volume ones, and suggest lower cost alternative configurations or designs for such components?

Is there a way to uninstall the FLEXlm floating license manager?

Do you support an unattended install method for DFMA software?

What are libraries in DFMA software?

I have added new entries to one of my libraries. What should I do before upgrading or reinstalling?

Can you write-protect DFMA libraries in a network location, so that multiple users can use the same library data?

I’d like to send the Executive summary report via email to a colleague who does not have the DFA software. How can I do that?

Is it possible to copy entries from one analysis to another?

Design for Assembly

Where is the cost versus life volume graph in DFA v9.2?

How can I adjust the times associated with our special fixtures for multiple fasteners?

How can I make my DFA results for time and cost show additional decimal places?

When I import a DFM part into DFA, why is the Tooling investment sometimes different from that in the DFM Concurrent Costing analysis?

My product labor cost is not the total assembly time multiplied by the labor rate. Why?

How is the DFA Index calculated?

Is it possible to import a bill of materials or company database into DFA?

Can I make my custom user fields available to other users?

Can I share DFA Views?

DFM Concurrent Costing

Can I use DFM Concurrent Costing to compare the costs of a part manufactured in the US versus the cost of a part manufactured in China?

How is material cost calculated for sand cast parts in DFM Concurrent Costing?

I am trying to reorder operations on the process chart. Some of them do not move. Are they supposed to?

Do your DFM Concurrent Costing manufacturing models include either fine blanking or waterjet cutting?

I have notes on my DFM analysis, and would like to be able to print them out in a single report. But the Notes Report only contains the first Note.

What makes the Geometry Calculator toolbar for my sheet metal laser cutting analysis look different from the one I was working with last time I worked on a sheet metal analysis? I don't have the positive area shapes toolbar any more.

What is the procedure in DFM Concurrent Costing's Injection Molding process to model insert molding?

What is the procedure in DFM Concurrent Costing's Injection Molding process to model co-molding?

I have a complex part that includes many repeated features, gear detail and corner radii. The number of surfaces imported from the CAD model is large. DFM Concurrent Costing is predicting a very high tooling cost. Are there adjustments I should make?

How are chamfers on a through hole handled in a powder metal analysis?

How is material cost per part calculated in DFM Concurrent Costing?

How is material cost per part calculated in sheet metalworking analyses in DFM Concurrent Costing?

How is material cost per part calculated in machined/cut from stock analyses in DFM Concurrent Costing?

Do rates include labor and machine rates, including variable burden, fixed rates, etc?

What are the machine selection criteria in DFM Concurrent Costing?

When a CAD import is done in DFM Concurrent Costing, what data is imported?

When importing CAD data into DFM Concurrent Costing for a sheet metal analysis, what data is supplied?

In your explanation of CAD data transfer in DFM Concurrent Costing, you refer to "thin-walled" parts. What defines a thin-walled part?

How can I get the form features toolbar back on my geometry calculator window for a sheet metal analysis?

I completed the geometry for blank perimeter in the geometry calculator for my analysis. But when I transferred the data it made several fields on the main window zero. What happened?

How can I change the default sheet size specification in a sheet metalworking analysis?

In DFM Concurrent Costing sheet metal stamping processes where the parts are cut from a sheet or coil, how are the clearances determined?

How do I edit the Customization file for DFM Concurrent Costing?

Do you have the table showing the relationship between tolerance on machined dimensions and surface roughness?

In the injection molding process, what is the difference between "Mold reset time" and "Dry cycle time."

How are tool wear costs in machining accounted for in DFM Concurrent Costing?

In the thermoforming process, how does the software estimate excess material not in the part?

How are surface patches used in the software’s calculations and how can I obtain additional information on counting patches?

Why are the tooling costs too high in my analysis?

Using the injection molding process in DFM Concurrent Costing, can I estimate per part cost and mold cost for family molds?

I can no longer find the picture box in my DFM software. How can I bring it back?

Can I include the full path to my data file in the header on my reports?

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