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DFMA® Consulting Services at Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. allows for the swift implementation of this new technology giving your company the strategic edge over your competition. Using Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. to help with your DFMA tasks, and making DFMA an everyday part of the way your organization does business, is the main goal of BDI's Consulting Services.


Process Development for DFMA Deployment

Objectives:  integration of DFMA into your company’s “standard work”.  Our Lean Six Sigma consultants can evaluate your company practices and work with your process excellence leaders to integrate DFMA into existing corporate processes.

Voice of the Customer (VOC), Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE), and DFMA Integration

Objectives: deploy DFMA as a holistic “design for value” product development approach.  DFMA is viewed by many as a VAVE technique.  A key input to any VAVE effort is sound, credible VOC.  Our consultants can help you integrate these three techniques together into a more complete set of product development and productivity improvement practices.


DFA Product Assessments

Objectives: unbiased DFA analysis of a product or subsystem design.  We will analyze the product or subassembly of your choosing utilizing whatever support material you have (samples, drawings, CAD files, etc.) providing back to you a summary report, presentation, and/or the analysis file(s).

DFMA Product and Parts Costing

Objectives: unbiased cost estimate (assembly labor, manufacture, and tooling) of a product, subsystem, and/or part design.  We will analyze parts of your choosing utilizing whatever support material you have (samples, drawings, CAD files, etc.) providing back to you a summary report, presentation, and/or the analysis file(s).

Library Customization

Objectives: many of our clients want to customize and enhance the standard libraries that come with our DFMA software.  Our consultants can work with your users and subject matter experts to establish standard practices for developing new library content and managing library content as changes are made or suggested.

DFMA Project Facilitation

Objectives: cost estimate and redesign evaluation of an existing product or subassembly.  We will facilitate one of your teams through a DFMA analysis including redesign brainstorming and quantification of redesign concepts.


Subject Matter Expert Training & Coaching

Objectives:  enable select employees to become effective DFMA deployment leaders.  Customized training provided to a select few individuals chosen to be the corporate subject matter experts.  This training can include presentation skills, training development, advanced software skills, library development and management, change management, facilitation skills, etc.  Coaching includes regular “touch points” and both on-site and off-site support.


Competitive Product DFMA Analysis and Process Development

Objectives: establish/enhance an unbiased, repeatable competitive product assessment approach focused on design and manufacturing capabilities.  DFMA has been used by many companies to provide unbiased, consistent cost information as part of competitive product manufacturing intelligence initiatives.  Our consultants can help you develop those skills and processes or complete analyses for you.


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